Product Information

Liquid resin molding machine

VSS-L series

Liquid silicone rubber molding machine that can be used extensively for low-viscosity to high-viscosity materials with a sliding table fitted as standard equipment


  • ・Plunger injector designed for dedicated use in LIM machines enables low capacity to high capacity injection
  • ・Use of static mixer for mixing two liquid components
  • ・Revolution control hydraulic power unit fitted as standard equipment
  • ・Material can be supplied from pails, drums and cartridges
  • ・The sliding table can be changed to a rotary table
  • ・It can also be changed to electric injection mechanism for high precision as an option


VSS-100-75-L VSS-800-75-L
Injection volume 100c㎥ 800c㎥
Injection pressure 66MPa 34MPa
Material mixing ratio 1:1 1:1
Mixing system Static mixer Static mixer
Mold clamping force 750kN 750kN
Mold closing stroke 300mm 300mm
Daylight 500mm 600mm
Slide table stroke 550mm 400mm
Ejection force 19kN 37kN
Machine weight 4.5t 5.1t
W×D×H(mm) 1370×2520×2930 1430×2920×2850