Product Information

Transfer molding machine


Hybrid transfer molding machine developed for molding of motor parts


  • ・Control system achieving the lowest possible speed and pressure to prevent damages of mold inserts and deterioration of product performance caused by resin
  • ・Lower mold sliding table system supporting the use of different shapes of mold inserts and the possibility of automation
  • ・Use of energy-efficient inverter pump for the mold clamp control and electric control by servo motor for the TF control to achieve stable independent control and energy saving
  • ・Injection of molding material while the mold is closed enables higher dimensional accuracy as compared to compression molding, and thin molding flash makes the finishing work easy


Transfer thrust (theoretical value) 0.1~40kN Ejection force 37kN
Attachable plunger φ35~φ60 Ejection stroke 75mm
Mold clamping force 569kN Upper mold heater output 6kW
Mold closing stroke 200mm Lower mold heater output 6kW
Minimum mold thickness 300mm Hydraulic oil volume 100L
Daylight 500mm Cooling water required about 10L/min
Table stroke 600mm Power supply capacity 40kVA
Table size 500*500mm Machine weight about 4tons