Product Information

Liquid resin casting machine

PP series

Mixes two-component silicone rubber and discharges at predetermined amount. Optimum for roll forming and forming of coating and filler materials.


  • ・Exclusively designed plunger injector enables low capacity to high capacity injection
  • ・Use of static mixer for mixing two liquid components
  • ・Upward injection is selectable for reduction of air entrainment in roll forming
  • ・Shut-off nozzle fitted as standard equipment for thorough prevention of resin leakage
  • ・Material should be supplied from pails as a standard. Drums and cartridges can be chosen as an option.
  • ・Able to meet the needs for use of multiple nozzles and discharge devices, fitting into existing equipment, variable mixing ratio and continuous discharge.


PP-200-L PP-3000-L
Discharge volume 200c㎥ 3050c㎥
Discharge pressure 18MPa 18MPa
Pressure-feed speed 13c㎥/sec~128c㎥/sec 10c㎥/sec~155c㎥/sec
Shut-off nozzle system Pneumatic ball valve Lever-operated ball valve
Mixer cooling system Cold water Cold water
Mixing ratio 1:1 1:1
Applicable material container JIS straight-sided steel pail JIS straight-sided steel pail
Machine weight 1.5t 2.5t
W×D×H(mm) 1000×1420×2395 1000×1520×2970