Product Information

BMC molding machine

HVS-B series

Injection molding machine for seal molding using bulk molding compound BMC(Bulk Molding Compound)


  • ・Optimum for insert molding of coil parts with a sliding table fitted as standard equipment
  • ・Automatic material charging device mounted on the injector makes it unnecessary to interrupt the molding operation to charge materials
  • ・The large machine has a mold-clamping device at the top, which results in a low-floor structure for improved operability
  • ・Machines of higher productivity with two mold clamping devices placed side by side and a moving injection device can be manufactured upon request
  • ・Driving devices, such as molding push-down device and gate cutter, can be incorporated into the machine
  • ・In-mold vacuuming device and rapid cooling circuit for the barrel can also be fitted


HVS-250-75-B HVS-1000-75/75-B
Injection volume 250c㎥ 1000c㎥
Injection pressure 59MPa 24MPa
Injection rate 168c㎥/sec 804c㎥/sec
Mold clamping force 750kN 750kN/750kN
Mold closing stroke 250mm 350mm/350mm
Daylight 710mm 700mm/700mm
Ejection force 37kN 37kN/37kN
Sliding table stroke 700mm 700mm/700mm
Material automatic charging chamber capacity 15L 19L
Machine weight 7t 20t
W×D×H(mm) 1340×3940×3460 3900×5070×3630