Product Information

Color plate molding machine


“No-frills” molding machine dedicated to color plate molding equipped with carefully selected necessary functions


  • ・Achieved 23% reduction in footprint and 30% reduction in overall height as compared to previous models by pursuing space saving, the greatest advantage of vertical molding machines
  • ・Improved operability and cost reduction by use of direct control system
  • ・Integrating the mold base with the machine by use of cartridge mold to lower the cost of mold clamping unit controls
  • ・Can be used for high viscosity materials by use of high torque metering motor
  • ・Improved operability by reducing the height of material charge port to about 1.6m
    by use of mold opening force


Screw diameter 26mm
Injection volume 53c㎥
Injection pressure 155MPa
Injection speed 106mm/sec
Injection stroke 100mm
Mold clamping force 470kN
Mold closing stroke 125mm
Daylight 285mm
Ejection force 147kN (by use of mold opening force)
Ejection stroke 20mm
W×D×H(mm) 1200×900×2400