Product Information

Small electric molding machine (sliding table)


Small electric molding machine with a sliding table suitable for insert molding, hoop molding and other methods of precision molding of small parts


  • ・The smallest in-line screw type injection molding machine in industry, contributing to space saving with 20% reduction in footprint as compared to previous models of ours
  • ・Best suited to molding of harnesses and small sensors and hoop molding because of its tie-bar-less structure
  • ・Optimum for automated insert molding with a sliding table fitted as standard equipment
  • ・Highly effective in high-mix low-volume production because of easy mold changeover
  • ・Easy to install in an automated production line as no protrusion, such as control panel, is provided on the side surface



Screw diameter 15mm 18mm
Injection volume 8.8c㎥ 16.5c㎥
Injection pressure 150MPa 150MPa
Injection speed 100mm/sec 100mm/sec
Injection stroke 50mm 65mm
Mold clamping force 50kN 150kN
Mold closing stroke 100mm 250mm
Daylight 150mm 400mm
Ejection force 2.4kN 3kN
Ejection stroke 30mm 30mm
W×D×H(mm) 710×1120×2220 760×1650×2493